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2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport


The Jeep left the Showroom floor complete with a 4 inch Suspension Lift and 33 inch tall tires. It was one of the first few Dealer-modified Jeeps in Oman. The first owner took great care of the vehicle and used it mainly as a daily driver. This was great for us, as it still looks and feels brand new!

The Basic Specifications:
  • 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport
  • 4.0L Straight-Six Engine
  • 5-Speed (NV3550) Manual
  • NP231 Transfer Case
  • Dana 44 Rear Axle
  • Dana 30 Front Axle
  • Limited-Slip Rear Differential
  • 3.73 Gearing
Summary of Installed Products: Modifications:

Since taking ownership in December 2002, we have added a Teraflex Adjustable Front Trackbar to solve what is known as "Bump-Steer" on the front axle, and at the same time fitted Teraflex Swaybar quick-disconnects. It originally had Skyjacker trackbar and Skyjacker disconnects, but they broke while driving on road. An extra bump-stop has been added to help support the weight of the rear spare tire. The Jeep is now an absolute joy to drive on road and off road!

The 4" Suspension system by Dick Cepek rides extremely well on road and off road. A common problem with lift kits on Wranglers is a rough ride due to the increased angles of the control arms. This steeper angle means jolts are transmitted directly to the frame instead of through your springs / shocks.
Dick Cepek use a different approach which has a similar effect to a much more expensive Long Arm setup. They simply use brackets to relocate the factory upper and lower control arms on the chassis to retain the original factory angles. Combined with stiff springs and stiff shock absorbers, the Jeep feels very Sporty and is very stable in cornering for a lifted Jeep, with almost no body-roll.

With the 4 inch suspension lift, the Jeep has plenty of room to clear the oversized Bridgestone Dueler All-Terrain tires which are 33" tall, and 12.5" wide. Mounted on a 15" by 10" rim, they give a very wide stance and float very well on the sand. One of the nice features about these particular tires is that the tread pattern looks very aggressive, but actually is very smooth to drive on. Tires with aggressive tread patterns usually have a habit of digging deep in sand, but these do not.

One of the first modifications was to find a way to mount a Compaq Ipaq in the Jeep and use it as an MP3 Player for my music. The answer to both problems came in one product! This Arkon Resources Ipaq Mount has a built in FM-Transmittor, and will transmit on a chosen frequency over a very short range. This means you can pick up the sound on your factory head unit through the Antenna, eliminating the need for cassete adaptors that leave wires hanging accross the dashboard. The Ipaq 3630 pictured has now been replaced with a HP 5450 which is also compatible with the mount, and has twice the processing speed and a total of 1.256 GB of memory for music files!

With a 4" Lift kit and no side-steps, we added a set of Raingler Ballistic Roll Bar Grips. These simply wrap around your roll bars with two overlapping Velcro straps, and are exactly where you need them for a little extra help getting in to the Jeep. They are extremely high quality and feel VERY strong, and for the such a great price there's no real reason not to get them! They're also comfortable and convenient grab-handles when the going gets rough, allowing your passengers to keep their fingers inside the roll bar rather than wrapped around them, just incase something goes wrong... We have one on each side in the front, and will be adding 2 more in the rear and two on the center hoop.

It's no secret that the Jeep's factory headlights leave a lot to be desired when you get out in the middle of nowhere at night. A common accessory seen on Jeeps in the Middle East is extra lights! The desert gets very dark at night when you're away from the ambient light of the city. As we don't have to worry about low-hanging branches off road, there is no problem with mounting the lights up high, just be wary of low car-ports! We fitted a Mopar Lightbar and Mopar-KC 100W Daylighters to help us see in the dark. These put out a lot of light and certainly can't be used on-road!

And finally, the latest and greatest! The Lightbar was good but the benefits could only be 'seen' when off road, and without anyone infront of you! We now have one of the first few Jeep Wranglers in the world equipped with a Xsighting Lighting HID Projector kit! The performance of this kit is absolutely amazing, it is road legal, and install information can be found here.

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