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CJ / YJ / TJ HoodLift - Gas Strut kit
CJ / YJ / TJ Gas Strut Hood Lift
   10th July 2005

This Hood Lift kit from Quadratec makes light work out of opening the Jeep's hood. The factory hood support prop sits right above the radiator and along with the leading edge of the hood, gets extremely hot. Opening it is, in a word, painful as you have to hold those extremely hot parts until the prop is in place. If you have a lifted Jeep you'll also know it's not easy to get the hood high enough to get the prop in place. With the gas struts in place, you just lift it a few inches and the struts take over, smoothly lifting the hood. No more burnt hands when you need that hood open! Write up and pictures by Laurie.

American Expedition Vehicles Heat Reduction Hood
Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass and Temperature
   19th October 2004

This rear view mirror kit from Quadratec lets you have the safety and convenience of most modern luxury vehicles in your Jeep! If you're fed up of the glare from the headlights of people behind you, this is the mirror for you! This mirror will automatically adjust and eliminate the glare! Unlike a normal mirror which allows you to flip a lever and kill the glare, and everything else, this kit "fades" down to the appropriate level. It's so subtle you barely notice it, and that's a good thing. It also features a Compass and Temperature read-out in the upper right corner of the mirror. Write up and pictures by Laurie.

American Expedition Vehicles Heat Reduction Hood
AEV Heat Reduction Hood
   21st August 2004

This brand new Hood released by American Expedition Vehicles in the USA is constructed from steel just like the OEM Factory hood, but it includes a mesh vent immediately behind the radiator. This mesh vent is placed in a low pressure zone which makes use of a natural pressure difference while moving to extract the hot air from the engine bay. This reduces the ambient temperature in the engine bay and also draws more air in through the radiator, making the cooling system more efficient. You can actually feel the hot air pumping out when at stopped with the engine running! Write up and pictures by Laurie.

Quadratec Dome Light Switch Kit
Quadratec Dome Light Bypass Switch Kit
   23rd July 2004

If you remove your doors your dome light will stay on constantly. Not only is this distracting it will flatten your battery. One solution is to pull out fuse 4 and replace it later. However pulling out your glove box and locating some pliers to pull the fuse each time is not fun. This simple kit from Quadratec allows you to put a switch next to the passenger door strap, making removing the doors a much easier process! It also allows you to stop the constant "beeping" if you need the ignition on and the door open by just flicking the switch, which is in reach from the drivers seat. Write up and pictures by Laurie.

HID Bi-Xenon Headlamp conversion
XSighting Systems™ Bi-function HID headlamps
   23rd December 2003

XSighting Systems™ Bi-function HID headlamps installed on a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Write up and pictures by Laurie. These lights make a HUGE difference to night driving. If you've ever wished your Jeep's lights were a little bit brighter, these things have the last word! Write up and pictures by Laurie.

Aux. Cooling: Hood Vents
Auxiliary Cooling: Hood Vents Testing

Auxiliary Cooling: Hood Vents Install

Pontiac Hood vents installed to reduce engine-bay temperatures on a Jeep Wrangler with successful results! They look cool too! Very thorough write up by Frank D.

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