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XSighting Systems™ Bi-function HID headlamps

This Bi-Function HID Headlamp kit is one of the latest products from XSighting Systems. XSighting Systems is the aftermarket channel of Valeo Sylvania, a well known company specialising in high performance lighting. The 7" HID conversion system for the Jeep Wrangler requires little work to install and wiring is incredibly easy. This is a modification that is well worth doing and is street legal. The first time you take it out for a drive you come home smiling!

Simply fitting a brighter bulb in your existing housings is not necessarily street legal (may vary depending on your location) as you could blind other road users... The HID headlamp replacement is a completely new system with a very sharp cut off for low beam. They are 3 times as bright and amazingly, other road users don't flash you thinking you have high beams on!

It's well known that the stock headlamps in the Jeep Wrangler leave a lot to be desired... A lot of Jeeps are fitted with auxiliary lighting by their owners, but they can only be used off road if they're up on the roof, or if they're mounted on the bumper then you have to consult your local rules and regulations. The HID system is fully road legal, and can be seen on high end vehicles such as the new Dodge Viper, as well as new Porsche, Mercedes and BMW vehicles and exotic sports cars.

This particular kit from XSighting Systems is a Bi-Function HID kit and is HID light for both high and low beam. Other kits are available for the Wrangler but only use HID for low beam, and high beam is a standard bulb. Trust me, it's very nice having HID high-beams too!

You can read a more detailed review of the HID Headlights here, and below we're going to take a look at the installation of the headlights.

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This installation guide covers a Jeep TJ Wrangler Sport that is NOT equipped with the headlight levelling system. The first step was to check both units had survived shipping all the way from America to the Middle East. I carefully rested the units on the fender so that they wouldn't fall off and hit the floor, and pulled the wiring plug off the back of the stock light. Holding the plug so that you have one pin on the left, one on the top, and one on the right, the white wire goes in the left, blue in the top, and black in the right. Easy.

Fortunately, both lights survived shipping perfectly. XSighting Systems did an excellent job of packing them.

So, let's get them in the grill! First, the old lights have to come out... this is done by removing the chrome bezel first. Then we removed the lamp first then the supporting bracket which allows you to align it. This was just to get pictures of what you will be cutting later. It's easier to remove the whole assembly (lamp and alignment bracket) with the 3 nuts behind the grill.

The next stage is modifying the alignment bracket to give the HID units the clearance they need to fit in there! A hand held Dremel with a small circular saw blade would have been nice for this job, but no one is going to see it and the big Black & Decker got the job done, admittedly a little crudely! Future kits may have a template for cutting, but as ours was one of the first it was more of a trial and error process, just cut it until it fits. When the bracket cleared the HID lamp, place the lamp in the bracket and re-fit the original retaining ring.

Then just re-fit the bracket into the grill, replace the bezel, and connect the wires as shown in the initial test.

The following pictures show a comparison with one light fitted, and one light stock... Although it's day time you can see that the HID light is putting out a more intense and cleaner light.

Now, simply repeat the process for the other side, then check the alignment of the lights and go out for a spin and see how you like them! They have a sharp cut off so while they are 3 times brighter on the road, they don't blind on-coming cars unless you're accelerating hard (putting the nose higher) or cresting a hill. If your Jeep sits tall or you often have extra weight in the rear (such as cargo, rear passengers, or the hard top) you might want to aim the lights a little bit lower.

And now you're done!

Pictures of the finished product:

XeSighting Bi-Function HID Conversion
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