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The following is a list of resources on the web related to 4x4s and the Middle East. If you would like to set up a link-exchange to your site, please contact me.

  • OmanLandRover.com - Oman's Land Rover Club. Very nice website detailing some amazing stories of trips they have been on. Oman Land Rover Club also organises the Wahiba challenge in Oman, open to all 4x4 vehicles!

  • EMI4x4.com - Emirates 4x4.com is a new club with a strong focus on the Jeep Wrangler. If Jeeps are in your blood, you'll fit right in here!

  • ME4x4.com - Middle East 4x4 is a fantastic club based in the Emirates that runs very well organised group trips with a very dedicated member base! There is a great collection of photos in their gallery!

  • Dubai4x4.com - Dubai 4x4 is a very active club based in Dubai, and they have some stunning photos on their webpage gallery! Dubai4x4.com is the first UAE 4x4 Club to obtain an EMSF Affiliation (Emirates MotorSports Federation).

  • JeepsUnlimited.com Forums - Jeep Owners Message board with members from all over the world (although majority in the USA). A great resource for customising your Jeep vehicle or fixing it yourself, or just talking to people with similar interests!

  • JeepForum.com - Another Jeep Owners Message Board with members from all over the world.

  • FordTruckWorld.com - The largest resource on the Web for the Ford line of trucks. Ford's F-series is the best selling vehicle in the world, and has recently been introduced to the Middle East. Take a look around here and see how unique you can make the world's most popular vehicle!

  • Off-Road.com - USA Off Road Enthusiast website, with lots of Desert Racing and Baja Race information!

  • Quadratec.com: Quadratec is one of the biggest sources of Jeep Accessories worldwide, with a huge selection of products from many manufacturers. Buying from Quadratec directly supports Oman4x4.com because we earn rewards when you buy something! All you have to do is visit Oman4x4.com first, then go to Quadratec through this link or one of the banner adverts, and everithing is done for you. This is at no extra charge to you! If you're buying from Quadratec anyway, you might as well support Oman4x4.com at the same time!

  • Stu-Offroad.com - One of the best known and most Valuable Jeep TJ (97+) Wrangler resources. Stu's site contains a vast wealth of information that will help you modify, repair or improve your Wrangler yourself.

  • Mattracks.com - Mattracks tank track conversions can be fitted to most 4x4 vehicles and are featured on the white Toyota Landcruiser on Oman4x4.com! A truly awesome upgrade for sand driving!

  • Jeepey.co.uk - Jeepin' in the United Kingdom!

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