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A Thank-you to our Sponsors!

Oman4x4.com would like to take this opportunity to help our sponsors!

A huge thank you goes out to the following companies who have helped support the Oman4x4.com project in their own ways. They have been a pleasure to deal with and are thoroughly recommended!

  • Quadratec.com: Quadratec is one of the biggest sources of Jeep Accessories worldwide, with a huge selection of products from many manufacturers. Buying from Quadratec directly supports Oman4x4.com because we earn rewards when you buy from Quadratec! All you have to do is visit Oman4x4.com first, then go to Quadratec through this link or one of the banner adverts and Quadratec recognises Oman4x4.com as the referral, automatically rewarding us when you buy something. This is at no extra charge to you! If you're buying from Quadratec anyway, you might as well support Oman4x4.com at the same time!

  • Raingler.com: Raingler sells a wide variety of 4x4 & Jeep accessories, including Lightforce Lights, Protection Netting for open top vehicles, Roll bar grab handles, heavy duty bumpers and tire carriers for Jeep vehicles and much more!

  • XeSighting.com: Sylvania Xsighting Lighting products - a selection of lighting upgrades for your vehicle, including a set of Bi-Xenon HID headlamp replacements that can fit the 1997+ Jeep Wrangler and Hummer, and many others for various vehicles, even a Harley Davidson! They also provide kits for other SUV's designed to look like original equipment. You can see the Bi-Xenon HID install on our Wrangler here

New Sponsors:
New Sponsors are always welcome! Oman4x4 is able to provide an excellent level of publicity for your products and our 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport attracts a lot of attention, especially with the bright red paint! We have also just added a massive Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer available for sponsorship.

At Oman4x4.com we have created an entirely new method of sponsorship designed to have maximum efficiency at boosting your sales worldwide. We provide your customer with more information than just having your company logo on the limited Wrangler's bodywork. We have a clutter free appearance with great attention to detail, and a direct link to this website in large, readable letters. With one, simple and easy to remember Domain name, people are able to load this site and get so much more information. The same clutter-free and focussed approach will be taken with the Expedition.

To date, the Wrangler has reached an incredible level of publicity. The site has attracted over 50,000 viewers, combined with a high-ranking CarDomain page attracting over 20,000 viewers. It has also been featured in Quadratec's catalog and website, and been used in advertisements printed in JP Magazine. It is one of the most instantly recognised Jeeps in the online community. Please Click here for more details on the vehicle's exposure, and to see why we're better!

If you would like to have your company featured as a sponsor of Oman4x4, please feel free to contact me regarding the matter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! - Laurie - Oman4x4 Admin

Note: the term "Sponsors" is used in the sense of vehicle modifications, and has nothing to do with the Omani "Sponsor" for foreigners in Oman.

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