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Quadratec Dome Light Bypass Harness and Switch

When you remove the doors on your Jeep Wrangler, there is no longer anything to depress the pin switches on each side. As a result, your dome light is permanently left on. There are several different ways around this such as removing the actual bulb or pulling the Number 4 fuse out from behind the dashboard.
Removing the bulb means the light will never come on even using the switch on the indicator stalk. Removing the Number 4 fuse means you can still use the dome light by turning on the switch on the stalk, but you have to remove the glove box every time and struggle a little to work the little fuse out, or have some pliers handy. Neither solution is ideal...

Fortunately for those perfectionists out there, there is a better solution! Quadratec is now selling a Dome Light Bypass kit (Product Number 13029 200) for just $24.95 and installs in minutes. The kit places a switch under the dashboard for quick and convenient disabling of the dome light, and lets you still control it through the light switch on the stalk. Another one of those simple modifications that make life easier!
Quadratec very kindly include their Summer 2004 Catalogue with your order, which is faster than browsing the site on slow internet, however those overseas may want to request it is left out for cheaper shipping and a smaller box!

The Installation should take no more than 5 minutes, including reading the instructions. It took us a little longer taking photos, but it was still very quick. To do this you will need:
  • A Phillips (+) Screw Driver
  • Needle Nose Pliers to remove the fuse
  • A Shower if you do this in 45C weather!
Start off by removing the Glove Box from the Jeep. This is done by opening it, sliding out the retaining strap towards the passenger door, then rotating the glove box all the way down. It's a good idea to empty the glove box before doing this, those of you who have removed the fuse in the past will already know this!

Remove the Antenna Cable from the retainer clip and move this up and out of the way. If you gently push this up above the fuse panel it should hold itself up there. This will give you some room to work, and the new wiring loom will use the same retainer clip.

Fuse 4, labelled "Door SW Defeat (10A)" is the fuse you can remove to disable the Dome Light Switches. We will be removing this fuse and replacing it with the fused switch circuit. Get the needle nose pliers and pull this fuse out. It can be removed by working it out through leverage, but needle nose pliers will make this much faster and easier!

Now we start getting somewhere! Take the end of the harness with the Fuse Holder, and push the spade connector on the Red wire into the right hand slot as shown in the photo. Then take the black lead and do the same with the Left hand slot of spot 4. You will notice thaat the spade connector is offset in the plastic cover, so position them so that they don't hit when plugged in. Then bring the wiring loom up and place it in the retaining clip as shown.

Next, pass the remaining wiring harness down through the hole on the lower right end of the dash, and it should pass through easily without much obstruction at all.

Then replace the Antenna Lead in the original clip on the left of the fuse panel as shown.

Connect the spade connectors on the switch plate to the end of the wiring loom. The position of the wires on the switch does not matter. Either way round won't make the slightest bit of difference.

Now remove the screw in the lower right corner of the dash as shown, be careful not to mis-place it, you'll need it in about 30 seconds. Gently pull the dash trim plastic down slightly and slide the switch in between the dash and the metal plate behind. Align the holes and then re-fit the screw and tighten it down.

Now the switch is all mounted up, you're almost done! With the red side of the switch is visible, the Dome Light circuit is active and your dome light should come on when you open the doors. If it doesn't, check your connections to the fuse box, and check the supplied fuse was not damaged during shipping. If that still fails, check the bulbs work by turning your interior light on using the stock switch.

Finally, replace the glove box and don't forget to replace the retaining strap or you will be in for a surprise next time you open it. Note that your previous door circuit fuse can be kept as a spare for any of the 10A rated circuits.

You're Done!!

Note: On Some Wranglers, model year 2000 and up, when you turn the Dome Light switch off, there may be a few second delay before the lights go out. On our 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport, the lights slowly fade out. The dome light switch is only intended to disable the door pin switches. Other Dome Light functions controlled by the dash switch or when turning off the ignition (interior light turns on for 10 seconds) still function regardless of the Dome Light Bypass switch position.

Note: Depending on your location it may be illegal to drive on road with no side mirrors, which are attached to your doors. The Part numbers for a Jeep Wrangler Mirror Relocation kit are included below. Select the right one for your vehicle as the Mirrors were redesigned in 2003.

Also, the switch can be used to easily turn off the annoying Beeping noise if you have the ignition on and the door open! Just reach over and hit the switch. No More Headaches!

Finally, a $24.95 switch may be a little hard for some to justify, but the convenience is great and the quality of the kit is superb. Overbuilt is the word to describe it. The wiring is thick and solid, the casing protects it, and the fuse is included. the switch is recessed into an aluminium plate with no sharp corners. All very nicely done!

Quadratec Dome Light Bypass Switch kit
Contact Info:
Web: Quadratec's Online Store
Email: info@quadratec.com
Tel: 1-800-745-6037 (Customer Service)
1-800-745-5337 (Toll Free US)
610-701-3336 (International)
Product numbers:
# 13029 200:Dome Light Bypass Switch Kit
# 13125 00:1997-2002 Mirror Relocation Brackets
# 13125 02:2003-UP Mirror Relocation Brackets

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