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What makes us different:

At Oman4x4.com, we're tying the vehicles and the website together to offer you the best promotion for your products. The vehicles are not plastered with stickers competing for advertising space, but rather draw people to this website for further information. With the Wrangler, two Decals are placed on the hood and two on the rear fenders with one short, easy to remember web-address. The Expedition will be featuring the same stickers on the rear windows.
The website features all the information on your products, how they are installed and reviews on how well they work. We firmly believe this is the best way to provide the most information to the largest amount of people!

We encounter people asking about the items fitted to the Jeep on a daily basis. The creation of Oman4x4.com was intended to allow people to learn about the available products at their leisure, or if they only saw the vehicle moving and were unable to talk to us! Also with the recent addition of a second vehicle available for sponsorship, someone may like a product that is featured on the vehicle they didn't get to see in person.

The website is also promoted locally by friends that have the sticker placed on their own modified Jeeps and 4x4's, such as this 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee featuring a 3" suspension lift and rhinolined bodywork!

The Spanish answer to the AMG Humvee shown on the right is being converted to civilian spec with a re-spray and an interior refit and will also be flying the Oman4x4.com decals this summer.

The idea is we want your products to speak for themselves. The vehicles as a whole package are intended to get attention, and people who see your equipment fitted to the vehicle will come here to learn more. Also, if your product is something that lies under the skin, such as suspension, drivetrain or interior upgrades, people will be able to see it on the site even though they were attracted to the vehicle by some of the exterior modifications in the city, or they see it performing well at organised events. It becomes a team effort to promote quality parts throughout the Jeep!

The traditional sponsorship often involves placing the company logo as a decal on the side of the car. This is effective, but we believe it could be done a lot better! Having the logo on the bodywork is great for brand-recognition, but a new potential customer does not know what product belongs to what logo! At Oman4x4 we're using the power of the Internet to allow people to see everything that's done to the vehicle, and provide a way to get in touch with the manufacturer or distributor to purchase it. Each write up finishes with contact information for the manufacturer or retailer.

Another key benefit is that with just one sponsorship, you are able to reach the entire online 4x4 community around the world. Oman4x4.com has already been linked to from club websites America, Europe, Australia and more! You can read more on our website traffic here!

You may also be interested to see the level of publicity the Jeep has achieved in printed publications world wide. A section of our Gallery has been dedicated to the Jeep's fame, and can be seen here. Highlights include website and magazine publications for Quadratec, RoadArmor and Acme Jeep Parts. Our proudest achievement to date, we're on page 6 of Quadratec's 2005 Catalogs! Click the picture on the left to enlarge it and see the full page scan.
We also frequently contribute to Quadratec's monthly newsletters, driving traffic back to the site.

If you would like to have your company featured as an additional sponsor of Oman4x4, please feel free to contact me!. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! - Laurie - Oman4x4 Admin

Note: the term "Sponsors" is used in the sense of vehicle modifications, and has nothing to do with the Omani "Sponsor" for foreigners in Oman.

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