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Mattracks Equipped Toyota LandCruiser

Welcome to the future of sand driving. The ultimate vehicle modification. Believe it or not, that IS a new Toyota Landcruiser with tank tracks instead of tires! This conversion kit comes straight from Mattracks in the USA, and will be available soon in the Middle East through the Omzest special projects division!

In the United States, where this conversion kit is made, the tracks can be used on road, and tread-wear similar to normal tires can be expected at speeds of 100 kph (60 mph) or less, depending on the model selected. We're hoping permission will be granted soon to use these on-road in the Sultanate of Oman.

The important question is "How good are they?" and in two words: "Absolutely Awesome!" The vehicle in the pictures is a standard 6 cylinder Toyota Landcruiser, with the added weight of an internal roll cage. With these tracks fitted, it is the ultimate gentle giant! Putting down an incredibly light footprint, these tracks are able to cross sand with ease. With conventional tires, the standard Landcruiser struggles on the dune climbs. The Mattracks equipped Landcruiser just does not give up. You can stop halfway up a dune, and then continue climbing once again! The tracks completely change the way you think about sand driving. No longer is speed and momentum needed...

... and this is a good thing! While driving fast is fun, driving this always puts a smile on your face! You will also enjoy the ability to go where you couldn't before. A high speed run up can be dangerous or impossible. As illustrated by the picture on the left, you can climb areas where there is no smooth "launch ramp" formed. With Mattracks, you can approach the bottom of the dune, and just climb your way up to the top. The Toyota climbed Bausher Sand dunes with ease and asked for more, as if to say "Is that the best you could give me?" The Wahiba Challenge and Big Red in the U.A.E. are where the tracks could really prove themselves, but based on testing in Bausher Dunes, it will make light work of it!

We'll have more info on these soon so please check back, but in the mean time please check out the rest of the photos in the gallery and feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the Mattracks equipment in Oman.

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