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Since launching Oman4x4.com, we've seen nothing but growth in popularity. At a modest start, we were pleased to see our first 1,000 individual viewers (the counter seperates repeat visitors). Today, we've been seen by over 50,000 individual people from around the world. We average about 160 people per day accessing the site. We have currently served over 345,000 pages to these people as they browse the site and look at other items that grab their attention. These figures are approximate, and for a more up to date representation, the actual statistics from our tracker are publicly viewable here: One other benefit is the Trackers ability to see where visitors came from. The last 50 visitors are stored in the referral link section allowing you to see where traffic is coming from. Quite often this can be used to show exactly what forum thread is discussing a product featured on the Oman4x4.com site. It can also show what search strings people are using to find the site.
Next to each referral is the assigned number (1-50), which can be clicked to show the details of that persons visit. You can see where they came from, what page they looked at first, what page they left on, approximately how long they spent at the site, and how many pages they looked at. Another great feature is the Traffic Prediction tool that takes figures so far and uses them to predict the level of traffic for the future. This can be seen here: Our website tracker also provides Graphical feedback where appropriate:

The following chart shows where our visitors come from. This is based on the time-zone settings on their system chart. As you can see we reach a world-wide audience, primarily in the USA and the Middle East. With this coverage, we can help showcase your product to potential customers in the Middle East as well as in the United States. Many Americans find the location interesting, which seperates Oman4x4.com from many other Jeep related personal webpages.

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This next chart shows the traffic level over a period of one year... In March we actually reached our bandwidth limit and as a result, upgraded the server settings. Many of the peaks occur when a new product is installed and word spreads around, but the general trend is clearly on the increase. These charts should automatically update, so bear in mind the current month may appear to show a drop in traffic until the end of the month.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully the information was useful!

Note: the term "Sponsors" is used in the sense of vehicle modifications, and has nothing to do with the Omani "Sponsor" for foreigners in Oman.

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